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Discover How to Keep your Renovation on Track!

How often have you noticed that a renovation or repair has begun, and yet with it, a host of unforeseen and uncalled for problems follow..?

Frustrating right..!

As professionals working in the Qi Industry, we came across this quite often, and became puzzled as to why this would occur..?

And then, as Feng Shui studies intensified and experience grew, we found out why.

Each year there are certain directions that are considered "Inauspicious" and if those sectors of a property are disturbed, there will be negative consequences.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that one cannot repair, use or renovate these sectors. These occurrences are referred to broadly as 'sha's' or 'afflictions.'

So how does a person deal with this..?

Before you plan to build, renovate, repair or dig, you need to check if you are violating any 'sha energy' and thus activating a problematic area, and consequently, problems for yourself!

To help you plan ahead, one of our Pros has provided a table to give you a great heads up on these problematic areas. For the best outcome, it is highly recommend you consult a Feng Shui expert, as that is the optimal way to avoid an issue.

If your house sits, (the back of the house is the 'sitting') or opens a main door in such a direction, you should ideally avoid 'disturbing the earth' completely. Try to focus on other renovations in other parts of your home ok.

These energies are cyclical and affect the various sectors by rotation, in a fixed pattern, at a pre-determined time cycle. This may be annual, once in 4 years or once in 9 years etc.

Being predictable enables us to anticipate and therefore prepare for such eventualities well in advance.

Make sure that you plan any renovation and repairs so as to be in sync with these predictable patterns.

Refer to the chart provided above, as it has all the predictable problem areas up until 2020. Use it wisely to plan your renovations so you avoid any budget overruns, delays, problems & accidents!

To truly stay one step ahead and achieve the smoothest renovation, may we remind you to hire a consultant to assist your renovation timing ~ you'll thank us in the long run!

Why not take a moment and connect with one of our Pros!

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