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Time & Space: The Ultimate Continuum

The Compass Schools (as they have become know in the West) are known as the “Li Qi” Schools: meaning the qi distribution or pattens or order of qi schools.

These Feng Shui compass systems provide various definitions to classify the qi. 

One of the basic foundational principals of Feng Shui is that the qualities of qi altars when received form the various points of the compass.

In other words different directions have different types or quality of qi.

Each one of the Compass Schools uses different formula to classify and map the different quality of qi coming from the compass directions. The most well-known and practised compass schools are: 

  • Xuan Kong Fei Xing  (Flying Star)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua  (64 Hexagrams)
  • San He  

These schools show how water and mountains should be positioned according to different orientations

The Xuan Kong or “Time and Space” school (both Flying Star and 64 Hexagrams) use time as a major factor in determining the quality of qi.

Everything changes with time – as Einstein discovered, space and time are interwoven like a fabric and known as “spacetime”. So, space is time demonstrated.

The Yi Jing or “I Ching” is based on cyclic transformation on yin and yang.

The San He School on the other hand is static. Its favourable and unfavourable directions don’t change with time. 

San He is used in ‘Yin House’, better know as Burial Feng Shui. It is used to orientate a tombstone in relationship to the direction of water flow in and out of a site and the direction of the mountain ranges.  

In this system the entry and exit points and direction of flow of a large body of water such as a river or lake are measured in relationship to the site. The burial site is chosen at the point where the water flows in at the most fortunate direction and flows out in an inauspicious direction this inviting the good qi to nourish the grave and takes the bad qi away. 

The Xuan Kong School provides a system of mapping and classifying qi according to direction and time.   

In other words different patterns of qi are determined according to space and time.

Information by George Bennis

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