How to be Happily Married to the Right Job

Thanks to the rigours of modern work life, ‘simple and carefree’ have gone down memory lane. The lack of responsibility and worry-free days prevalent during your childhood have changed into stress and difficulty as you now try to huff and puff your way through the marathon that is called the rat race.

For many, the rat race is a gruelling slog. It’s doubly draining if the only reason you are committed to the 9 to 5 cycle every week day is because there’s a pay-check attached.

Does this sound just like you?

If it does, you’d know better than anyone that working purely to pay the bills isn’t fulfilling. To truly feel fulfilled when running the course of your professional career, work has to be an exertion – and expression - of your inner self and strengths, not merely a chore.

If settling into the perfect career is something you’re having trouble with, the first BIG step forward is to get intimately acquainted with your modus operandi, or how you operate in life. What motivates you to get out of the bed in the morning? Thankfully, we might just have the answer for you here in this article.

What Is BaZi & Its Five Structures?

BaZi is essentially a system that utilizes the simplest information – your date and time of birth – to reveal everything there is to know about who you are. From inborn talents to how you deal with the world, BaZi is an insightful tool that unveils the best approach to life based on what defines you.

In this article, we’ll be touching on BaZi’s The Five Structures and how it can lead you down the right career path.The Five Structures are the follow up to the BaZi Day Master (the component that unravels your character traits). Your BaZi Structure primarily informs you on how you operate in every aspect of life, whether its work, romance or social interactions. In other words, it pertains to how you ‘respond’ to the universe.

Finding Your Own Structure

Armed with knowledge of your Structure, you’ll understand what situations and environments you will respond most favourably to, and of course this includes your career choices and work space too! The next step is to figure out which Structure you are.

This part’s easy; just head right on over HERE to generate your very own BaZi chart and find out your Structure! Sign up to an account then fill in your basic details, including your Date and Time of Birth (you could omit your time of birth if you want). Once you’re finished with that quick step, just click on “Plot BaZi Chart” and you’ll be directed to your own destiny map in moments!

Although your Main Structure is, say, a Creator, it should be no surprise if your chart shows that you have certain character traits aligned with the other Structures as well.

Us humans are a melting pot of several traits and combinations of others. The key is finding out what best suits you.

The Five Structures segment is located at the very bottom left of your chart, as highlighted in blue. Your Main Structure is denoted right below the info-graphic. Now, let’s just right into what each Structure represents and what kinda career path you should take.


People under the Wealth Structure are rich in confidence, possessing the surety of self that is a prerequisite for realizing the big dreams too risky and scary for others to pursue. The dynamic and results-driven Wealth Structure folk – otherwise known as Managers – are the kind you’d expect...More About Wealth Structure


Influence Structure people are the darlings of the workplace. They're the ones you look to when you need a helping hand, or if a tense work-related spat needs diffusing. The real ‘nice guys’ of any workplace, Influence Structure people are nourishing, pleasant and...More About Influence Structure


Connectors are social media networks come to life. They're usually the links between a vast network of people, and any professional field that necessitates constant mingling and communications will be a thriving ground for a Companion Structure person. Almost a living, walking social media network, Companion Structure people act as...More About Companion Structure


Just as the name suggests, Creators are truly in their element when creating works of art and generating workable, fresh ideas. Expressionism is the hallmark of those under this Structure. Creatively inclined, Output Structure people are usually the ones that...More About Output Structure


Binary codes, research papers, stock exchange metrics... these may seem dull and too technical to many, but to the Resource Structure person it's just one of many ways they can satisfy their love for analyzing and soaking up a library's worth of information. Pragmatic and analytical, those with this Structure are typically...More About Resource Structure

What's Next Joey?

While it’s very common for a person to have difficulty in figuring out what they are ‘meant’ to do, a little knowledge can go a long way in surmounting the dilemma.

If the essence of BaZi can be encapsulated in a maxim, it would be this: “Knowing others is intelligence, but knowing yourself is true wisdom.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Five Structures or just BaZi in general, Check out these online courses

All content and images provided by Joey Yap

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