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Joey Yap, New York & Me - The Untold Story

We meet people exactly when we are supposed to, where we are supposed to, even if we don't fully understand why we are supposed to...

As I landed at JFK for the first time a few years back, I knew I was where I was supposed to be, even though I didn't know who I was supposed to meet.

I started exploring the noisy streets with a hunger no bagel could ever satisfy, and embraced the mighty madness that truly is New York!

I was confused, excited, overwhelmed, lost and yet found: how I could feel so much in one moment..?

Because New York held my Freedom - I just didn't know it yet.

You see, a few years earlier I found myself at a professional cross-roads, reeling from an unfair situation, and unsure whom I could trust, who I could follow, or should I even follow anyone anymore...?

It was time to reset my internal compass and click my red shoes, as clearly I wasn't in Kansas anymore...

Then in walked Joey Yap to my life.

Standing together one afternoon, he asked me a simple question: "Why are you being something you are not, something others want you to be..? For goodness sake, be yourself Sam!"

He had my attention.

Joey explained I had choices, he spoke to my intelligence, education, life purpose, steely determination, and helped me break free of the restraints placed upon me.

He spoke of my mistakes, and taught me how to fix them - and he didn't mince his words let me tell you, I had some serious self-work to do!!

Now every time Joey and I are together, he effortlessly draws out what is within me. Cleverly unwrapping anything I thought I'd hidden from view, and sorting out the nitty-gritty so we can get down to work.

Not a man to hold back, he says it how it is, and demands action. With a mind so fantastically fast, ideas come pouring out with life-changing advice, and you find yourself out of breath, and yet gasping for more!

Why do I share such a personal tale? Divulge a friendship that is most private to me?

Because I want you to live your life to the fullest, and reach your goals - exactly as you are supposed to!

It's time for you to meet Joey.

Each year I attend Joey Yap's Annual Talks in New York, and each year I learn invaluable information that helps me personally and professionally.

Eternally grateful for the amazing education I have received from many Masters, I am truly blessed. Yet from that first moment with Joey, I began to grow in an entirely different way, and his constant support strengthens my every move.

Standing taller now, and standing clearly as Sam - the one and the only Sam

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