Tips to Achieve New Year's Resolution Success!

January is typically a time where people use the opportunity to make an effort to reinvent one’s self as a way of motivating themselves.

However, only 5% of people actually do manage to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions after making them. Here are some other number-crunching statistics to consider:

Are the numbers shocking to you?

Most people tend to not follow through with their resolutions and lose interest and faith in them pretty quickly. This is because people tend to set unrealistic goals and expectations when creating resolutions and eventually find themselves back to where they started from.

If you are not ready to change your habits or lifestyle, then these resolutions will not work. We tend to give ourselves all sorts of excuses not to continue or attain these resolutions when the going gets tough; be it having a lack of motivation, resources or just plain losing interest in achieving them. Keeping these resolutions requires you to change your behaviour and thinking, essentially “rewiring” your brain to make them work.

"Only 5% of people actually manage to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions"

If you’re one of the people struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions, here are some tips to create better New Year’s resolutions or revise your current ones to make the best of 2019.

1 Goal At a Time

& Break Down Goals

Don’t set too many goals at once and break down bigger goals into manageable pieces. With a lack of focus, you will tend to get discouraged by small failures and eventually give up when you realise how difficult your resolutions are to keep.

Make time to accomplish your goals 1 day at a time, and find creative and inexpensive ways to complete them. Concentrate on hitting the smaller milestones and celebrate these successes to motivate yourself to keep moving towards the bigger goal.


Assessment & Connection

Ask yourself why you want to make that specific change and assess whether it is achievable within the time frame you’ve given yourself. Set realistic and specific goals instead of generic ones. Overthinking these goals and not actually working on them will also work to your detriment.

People tend to have a fear of the unknown and overthink their goals to the point of not actually doing anything about it. In such situations, it’s best to just bite the bullet and just do it to be on the fast track to success.

Having Social Support

& burning bridges when you have to

There will be people around that will try and put you down, dumping their negativity and scepticism on you when you share your goals with them. These criticisms and judgemental remarks may cause you to lose confidence and make you waver from your position.

Surround yourself with positive and committed people to achieve goals together. Strength lies in numbers, and when you’re moving towards the same goal, you can encourage each other and have a good support system to follow through with your resolutions.

If you’re still stuck on what New Year’s Resolutions to work on, here are the top types of resolutions that people usually make:

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