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When the Earth Moves....Get out of the Way!

It's time to chat about some stars you need to watch, and we don't mean Star Trek folks!

Stars are the energies that are always around us, even though we may not understand their influence on our daily lives.

Two stars that can be problematic are 'WU CAPITAL & JI CAPITAL' and they deserve their own write-up because they can be really bad... Yes, this is a rather technical post for professionals, however follow along if you are planning renovations and avoid the areas in 2018/2019 that I speak to ok.

Wu Capital & Ji Capital indicates the presence of earth element, and activities that disturb the ground like renovations, digging, ground-breaking that should not be taken in such years when Ji or Wu are the year stem. This is due to the presence of inauspicious stars that aggravate the earth element which predominates the year.

Think of this like a grouchy area, you annoy it, you're gonna feel it!

  • 2018 has Wu as it's stem ~ Wu Xu
  • 2019 has Ji ~ Ji Hai
    • makes this is a very timely post!

To add insult to injury, this will compound problems if you do renovations or digging in a house that sits the 5 Yellow, this means has the 5 Yellow at its back.

  • North in 2018
  • Southwest in 2019

Let's share some examples:

  • 2018 - WU XU year
    • Wu & Ji Capital are in Horse & Goat.
    • Horse clashes Rat where the 5 Yellow is.
    • Groundworks in 5 Yellow or Horse sector is especially bad.
  • 2019 - JI HAI year
    • Wu & Ji Capital are in Dragon & Snake.
    • Ji is with Snake (Year Breaker) clashes Pig (Grand Duke).
    • Ground works in either Snake or Pig sector is especially harmful.

Are there any exceptions..?


  • Presence of the Duke Virtue Star during a Wu or Gui Year would allow renovations/digging where earth needs to be dug or removed.
  • Presences of the Duke Virtue Combo Star during Jia or Ji years.
  • The Duke Virtue & Duke Virtue Combo stars - the Qi exerted by these stars will dissolve any negative Qi from the earth element of the year, allowing such activities to be undertaken.

We can also use the annual Sun, Moon and Dragon Virtue to begin on good dates if we need to work in one of these sectors.

In the fellowship of the smash-hit Transformer movie vibe, best we discuss a Megatron negative here....


This is when Wu/Ji eclipses with the Grand Duke as it will release the harmful Qi the Grand Duke brings and involves the Grand Duke or the Year Breaker.

Ground works in years when the Year Stem clashes with the Grand Duke and has the Wu Ji Capital, will result in extreme bad luck and accidents. As long as the earth is not disturbed during such years, no harm or misfortune will come about, so consider this as you plan upcoming renovations people!

Past Examples:

2008 WU ZI year

  • Wu Capital was in Horse sector.
    • It eclipsed / overlapped with the Horse (Year Breaker) which clashed the Rat (Grand Duke of the year).
    • It was magnified threefold because the 5 Yellow was in the South (Horse) and the 3 Killing was in the North (Rat)

2020 GENG ZI year

  • Wu Capital is in the Rat & Tiger sectors.
    • It will eclipse / overlap with the Rat (Grand Duke) which clashes the Horse (Year Breaker).
    • It will be magnified because 3Killings will be in South (Horse).

Take note of this as it is especially harmful if your house is on the North/South axis and, if you have Horse or Rat in the chart. Do not renovate either sectors and do not renovate if your house sits on the North/South axis during these times.

Ok, if you've read through this and are not in the metaphysics profession, yes, I know this information seems overwhelming... Simply reach out to me, and we can consult on Date Selection to help you avoid negative ramifications as you renovate your home.

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