Face Reading

Who Are The Five Face Officers..?

Face Reading is an ancient art, and yet maintains a practical modern application.

We all want to get ahead in life, improve our intimate relationships, strengthen our business bonds and foster closer connections with those around us.

Did you know Face Reading can help you with these goals..?


Let's consider the 5 Officers of the Face, definitely not something you may have heard about, and yet super important Officers indeed!

For success in life, whether it be personal or career, it's important to learn how to assess others, which is not the same as judge, nope, not at all!

Assessing is evaluating, it is using your skills to understand the information in front of you, just like reading a resume and somewhat 'ticking off boxes' of what you need in an employee.

Face Reading is like a resume, you simply need an index to understand what it is you can see, so how about we go over 5 basics ok!

The Five Players are:

  1. Vigilant Officer
  2. Insurance Officer
  3. Information Officer
  4. Chief Justice Officer
  5. Communication Officer

These officers are all in charge of something, of course they work closely together, but they all handle one specific aspects of 'you.'

Our Eyes not only give us vision and the ability to 'see,' they are also Vigilant and constantly monitoring any situation around us: what we see and who is watching us.... Could we say they have a spy aspect to them... yep, we sure can!

Always watch someone's eyes...

The Eyebrows work cohesively with the eyes and somewhat act like guardians to the soul, acting as Insurance over our life capacity life extension if you will.

The Ears clearly govern our listening ability, but did you know they are also responsible for analyzing and deciphering Information ~ they are the info gatherers.

Now when it comes to the nose, it's more than smells and sniffles, oh yeah, the nose governs Justice and has the ability to spot an injustice quickly!

And last on the list is the Mouth, which has a few jobs under its domain, primarily the Communication aspect of life, handling our interactions with others.

Once you've given your face the once over, and found your personal officers...

...... now go check your friends!

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