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Qi Men Warns of House Consumed by Fire

Recently I woke up to this message on my FB page:

"Patricia has the most positive and vibrant energy. Not only is she extremely knowledgable about the art of Chinese Metaphysics, she is also generous with her time. She truly has a gift for understanding the miracles that can occur when you implement her recommendations and suggestions. My family was saved from purchasing a home that burned down during the Napa, North bay fire. We didn't know it then, but we are truly grateful for her guidance."

Curious as to how such an impactful message came to me, and why...?

Time for a Qi Men Dun Jia case study that saved a family e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Let's cover the basics here: on July 2017 there was a home listed for $2.2 Million USD, sitting on 3 acres in the gorgeous Napa Valley - sounded like an exciting real estate possibility for a particular client of mine.

My first contact was on Aug 7, when my client asked; "Is the house a good financial investment for my family to purchase?"

I pulled a QM chart to ascertain the answer and this is the chart I got:

Clearly, it was to be a firm No, so the family withdrew their offer.

The seller came back to my client with an almost $300K drop in price, giving 48 hours to accept the offer - "AS IS," which means take as is and forfeit the contractor's audit... not always the best option to take...

A tempting offer, so I pulled another Qi Men Chart to see if the situation had changed:

The Qi Men chart #2 answer was similar to the first chart. The family really wanted this house so, I looked into the chart to see if there was a "Solution Palace." I looked hard because I wanted to make the family happy! But, I could not find a solution so gave them the answer, still NO. I did look at the Feng Shui part also. That conformed to what I the QM chart showed.

On Oct 3, another family purchased the home for $1.725 Million, USD, and possibly thought they had got a great deal...

Oct 7, the California Napa raging fires began and the house was burnt to the ground!

Had my clients (original family) purchased the home, they would have been living there and lost all their belongings and potentially been in grave danger themselves! In total, over 9,000 structures were consumed in the California fires.

By the Grace of God... the family's home at that time, was a 2 minute drive from the burned house and it was spared!! All houses around the neighbourhood were burned to the ground, except for 2 homes: one being my client.

Today, the empty land is now listed at $1.2 Million USD.

Do we have lessons to learn here...?

Yes - Qi Men Dun Jia Works!

I think the biggest lesson for me was to trust in my instinct. I really looked hard to find a solution for how they could move in and "fix" the Feng Shui - just imagine if I had found such a solution...? How would I be feeling today?

The Qi Men chart does not lie.

My lesson for you is to not let your personal feelings or the desire to help, cloud your judgment!

During this time, I had presented this to several Professional Forums and together we used Snake to divert fire, Chief to protect, 9Heavens to visualize, as they can all be used in catastrophic events like this.

Maybe you can't save the world, but you can probably save smaller pieces of it and any amount of help in a situation like this is definitely worth it.

My clients think so!

If you want to help clients and your own family with Qi Men, check out the great online courses on my profile ready for you to enrol!

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