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Feng Shui: Changing People's Lives!

'Changing People's Lives' is an introduction to Feng Shui; a quick look into three auspicious areas in your home. Kathryn shows you how a few simple changes can GET YOUR SPACE WORKING FOR YOU!

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Kathryn Wilking put together this presentation, 'Feng Shui; Changing People's Lives' from all the questions she received over the years. Plain, simple logic, is the best way to describe the tangible base line of feng shui. If it doesn't 'feel right', it probably isn't right.

Feng shui explains to you WHY this works, and what doesn't. It is a real eye-opener for those who keep buying 'stuff' and don't know what to do with it all.

I'll give you a tip right now: if you don't love it, need it or feel connected with it, don't buy it. If something is already in your home and it has lost the connection, it is time to move these things along. 

Enjoy the journey; bring into your home, only the things that work for you. 

Make room for the things you love!

~ Kathryn

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  •   Feng Shui: Changing People's Lives

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