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The ONE-ROOM Rescue™

Is Your Desk Still Alive Under There? -In just a few days, shift the energy in your space and begin earning MORE in a job you'll love! ~ Practical Solutions to Move You from Chaos to Prosperity!

  • Price: $249
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


The ONE-ROOM Rescue™ is designed for the busy Entrepreneur.

Is your work space uninviting and dull? Can't get motivated; out of sorts? Maybe it's time to take a good look at the cryptic messages all around your office?

Many people get stuck; it's not fun to be non-productive, sifting through chaos, trying to find the way out!

Kathryn sorts out the issues, systematically, in feng shui style. She developed an easy and efficient way to revive a space and find supports for your personal needs.

Feng Shui is one of the BEST problem-solvers you can find: Kathryn brings you practical solutions for all of life's issues. In just a few days, you can shift the energy in your space and begin earning MORE in a job you'll love!

Whether you work out of your home or cubicle, Kathryn has solutions to get your space to WORK FOR YOU!

~ Where are your blocks? Is it all paper? Lack of motivation or procrastination?

~ Where do you begin?

  • A mix of videos and downloads covers the basics to get you organized: clutter busting, sitting in command, finding support in the things surrounding you and tools for life.
  • Each module contains theories, insights and enhancements that you can implement with items you already own.
  • Learn how to sit in The Power Position; this will empower you to make positive choices each day. Arrange your desk to do the right job!
  • identify your Personal Clutter Habits; if you tackle the problem, you'll enjoy immediate results! Take the classic 'Clutter Habit Quiz’.
  • Learn how to surround yourself with the right colours and items, can both inspire and motivate you to be more productive; you’ll feel the shift in energy.

**The insight and skills you will learn can be applied in any room of your home or office!

The ONE-ROOM Rescue is the latest, most practical and productive way to grow your business. ~ GET YOUR SPACE WORKING FOR YOU & PROSPER with Feng Shui!

The Course contains: FOUR Modules, NINE Downloads and TWO BONUS VIDEOS.

**"This course is VALUE PRICED: I keep the price affordable so that I can reach more people. Together, we can make the world a better place!" ~ Kathryn

What you will learn:

~ Clutter Management; how this relates to your personality

~ Choosing Your Desk and Chair for the Power Position

~ Be in the Power Position all Day, everywhere you GO

~ Working in a Non-tradition Space

~ Take The Desk Challenge

~ Colours and Shapes that can Support You

~ Enhancements and ‘Cures’ for Troubled Areas

~ Yin & Yang – Finding the Balance while Growing Your Business

~ Exploring the option to use these Tools For Life

Paint the picture you want: By the end of this course, you'll be loving your new work space! Imaging having a well-lit, well organized work space, in the power position, surrounded by the things you love -that can motivate and support you in your goals to thrive!

Go from Chaos to Prosperity in only a few days!

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  •   Module 1: Clutter and YOU!

    Kathryn talks about clutter habits and the hazards of avoiding your stuff; saving the wrong things can cause blocks and procrastination! Managing paper is the first thing to tackle in your Rescue!

  •   Module Two: Being in Command

    'Being in Command' of your day, is something you NEED: find the Power Position everywhere you go! You'll learn where to sit and stand to be the most positive and productive; imperative for success.

  •   Module Three: Exclusive to YOU!

    Personal Expression! How to rearrange things to achieve your goals? Find your own personal balance through colour therapy, shapes and images on the walls: exclusive to YOU! -All the things you love!

  •   Module Four: Strategy; Tools For Life

    Additional strategy to consider when choosing supports and setting goals. Wondering about how to find creative solutions for problem areas? Adapt feng shui into a lifestyle of prosperity and growth.

  •   BONUS: The Five LUCKS!

    This could be your lucky day, and you would never know it! Change your luck, and change your life! This is a simple, practical way to get you moving forwards in life.

  •   BONUS: Yin & Yang

    Black & white. Light & dark. Sun & Shade, are opposites on a sliding scale. Find out more about balancing energy -This bonus reveals that nothing is either completely black or white!

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