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Whether you seek a professional career in Feng Shui, or simply wish to follow your personal interest, this course is your most important first step! Let Samantha turn your passion into a reality!

  • Price: $680
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


This is an accredited course of the Feng Shui Research Centre founded by Master Joseph Yu, and provides the most solid and comprehensive foundation for your education.  

My method of teaching is one of engagement, interest and a healthy dose of humour! 

Why humour you ask? 

Well... you are about to learn some intense subject matter, and I believe strongly that how you learn will shape your understanding. I do my utmost to keep you engaged online, with regular reviews, helpful quizzes and feedback to your questions.

I will introduce the fundamental concepts needed for your strong understanding of Feng Shui, and provide you with downloadable handouts, video presentations & educational quizzes. 

Upon completing all 4 Modules, you will be able to work with Feng Shui personally to improve your life, and professionally to build a successful career and thriving business.

Course Praise

"Your work is marvellous. It is the way I want these modules to be offered. Keep it up"   

Master Joseph Yu  Feng Shui Research Centre   

"I have been very pleased with your classes and I am looking forward to start Module 2 very soon. I consider  that a teacher is not only one who transmits knowledge, but one who is able to sense what his/her student needs and therefore he/she is able to guide accordingly. You seem to be a knowledgeable person, sensitive and compassionate and that to my eyes makes a good and special teacher. Thank you"    

"Sam I love your cool way of teaching me, I had been so confused in my research, and then I found you! I learned so much listening to your voice, and the way you colour coded all the details really helped my understanding. At first I was scared of the quizzes, but once I began, I loved to test myself, and enjoyed your explanations each time - really helpful to know right then and there if I had got the question right! Can't wait to complete all the modules!"    

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  •   Content

    Time to discuss our time together!

  •   FSRC Professional Feng Shui Module 1 Handout

    Your indispensable 'must have' for our time together!

  •   Introduction

    Have you heard about the Big Bang Theory... as it's much more than a hit TV show!

  •   Yin & Yang

    Way more than just a pretty Tai Ji symbol.... Yin & Yang have a leadership role in Feng Shui!

  •   The 5 Elements

    Discover how 5 elements will become the base of everything you do as you enter the world of Feng Shui...

  •   Enter the Ba Gua

    Learn what's really hidden inside a simple looking 8 sided image, and the associated Trigrams

  •   Architecture

    Feng Shui has a very intimate relationship with Architecture and Interior Design, and the two can meld beautifully indeed.

  •   Interior Design

    Understanding how the space is to be used is the key to a successful Feng Shui design

  •   He Tu

    Time to meet Fu Xi: a most wonderful ancient Emperor of China

  •   Luo Shu

    OK, so you've meet Fu Xi, now it is time to meet Xia Yu - as they are intricately connected!

  •   Shuo Gua Zhuan

    As we near the Yijing, it's time to start thinking more 'universally'.....

  •   Ancient Wisdom

    From spiritual wisdom to piercing energy... ever wondered who may be peeping at you...?

  •   Feng Shui Objects

    Actions win the day in Feng Shui... however there are a few objects that can assist...

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