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Date Selection

Triple Qi 1 ~ Ze Ri & The Fundamentals

Learn how to SUPERCHARGE your actions with Trigger Dates! Pick powerful dates to take action on major events and achieve successful outcomes!

  • Price: $388
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


We are excited to share our Inauguration class teaching Triple Qi Date Selection! The purpose of our 4 day course is to teach how you can use Date Selection along side of Xuan Kong Da Gua with Qi Men Dun Jia.

In the FULL 4 DAYS we teach the following:

Strategic Merging of 3 Date Selection Methods:

1. Conventional

2. Xuan Kong Da Gua

3. Qi Men Dun Jia

3 Together = 3 Times Better

This course is Day 1: Ze Ri & The Fundamentals.

You will learn how to:

* Pick powerful dates to take Action on major events like:

  • Start a New Job or Business,
  • Launch Projects,
  • Move In Dates,
  • Marriage,
  • Surgery,
  • Filing Legal Suits and more!

* How to powerfully use the Annual 4 Noble Stars,

  • Personal & house Nobleman,
  • Intelligence & Peach Blossom Stars

* Trigger your actions with best hours for added impact

* Fine Tune dates that connects to your personal destiny chart

* Avoid deal breakers and how to avoid them.

* Avoid & mitigate problems caused by the annual negative energies

* Overlay your 4 BaZi pillars onto your house Qi Map for Activation.

Our method creates the ultimate frequency convergence of Heaven Earth Man

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  •   1. Ze Ri & Fundamentals Manual
  •   Ze Ri & Fundamentals
  •   Shaping Your Destiny
  •   Analyzing A Date
  •   Year & Month Stars
  •   Annual Influences
  •   Nobleman & Deal Breakers
  •   Formulas
  •   Examples
  •   Activations
  •   Moving Dates
  •   Example Move
  •   Supporting or Drain Directions using Na Jia
  •   Home Renos & White House Trump
  •   Legal / Grand Opening Dates
  •   Tong Shu Software & Filtering
  •   Looking for Love
  •   Wedding Date
  •   Conception
  •   Learn How Qi Men Warns of Fire Disaster

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