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Year of The Pig Guide

Find out what 2019 is all about and how to understand what it means to your home!

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This book was written to bring awareness and empower you to use energy in simple and easy steps.

Life’s Simple Pleasures was created to help you move away from stress and disharmony.

Living under a lot of stress makes for poor decisions that can lead to an unfavourable outcome.

Although life is not perfect, if we have more moments of happiness and fulfillment, we can savour some experiences that can become memories of a lifetime.

When our environment is not in disharmony, we can think. Making the right choices allows us to prosper.

With the proper tools we can all create and design a lifestyle that we desire

Where there is balance and harmony Where we have better relationships and Where we can enjoy what we do and be fulfilled by it.

This book will help you understand more about:

  • Energy
  • Assessing Energy
  • Floor plan Examples
  • Energy Grid for 2019 & Their Meaning
  • Balancing Negative Energies
  • Taking Advantage of Positive Energies
  • Our Conclusion

Please enjoy my FREE guide to 2019 and I invite you to join my monthly membership groups ~ a community of trusted support and loving guidance.

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