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Qi Men Dun Jia

Joey Yap's QiMen Academy 2019

Introducing the QiMen 2019 programme, an all-new QiMen tool that features topics such as QiMen Commands, Bending Reality, QiMen Divination System and Access Infinite Wisdom and more.

  • Price: $1,997
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


QiMen Academy™ 2019 Advanced has been designed by Joey Yap and The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics to be easy and application focused. We will take you step-by-step into the World of Qi Men Dun Jia and expand your knowledge and skill beyond the BASIC as you move along this syllabus.

The ADVANCED TIER consists of 10 ALL-NEW ADVANCED MODULES that were carefully designed after obtaining the feedback of the previous students on how they apply QiMen regularly in their real-life situations. The QiMen Academy Advanced Tier will go through the process of unifying the entire system of Qi Men Dun Jia to put it in the correct perspective of how you can actually apply this in an effective way to TRANSFORM YOUR LIVE, and more importantly, as an advanced practitioner, how to TRANSFORM OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE.

The QiMen Unifying Model consists of the peak, the core, the pillars, and the base. The peak is the Sage Mind. In the previous batch of students, there were some who were unable to create results fast enough due to either their mindset or that their energy was not attuned properly. Thus, the Sage Mind would guide you to obtain the correct mindset and attunement to the Divine Energy.

The core in the QiMen Undying Model explains the SuperForecasting Methods which are deep-dive sessions into forecasting. The topics in this section explains how to use SuperForecasting to evaluate ‘Wealth & Money Matters’, ‘Work, Achievement & Success’ and ‘Health, Karma & Marriage’.

The pillars in the QiMen Unifying Model are about the QiMen Modifiers & Game Changers. It consists of 4 different topics: The Multipliers, the Subtractors, the Nullifiers & the Anomalies, which are the special formations in QiMen. Finally, the base of the QiMen Unifying Model is the Emergency Measures, which explains how to initiate emergency deployments of QiMen.

Also, introducing the QiMen Divinity programme, an all-new QiMen tool that features topics such as QiMen Commands, Bending Reality, QiMen Divination System and Access Infinite Wisdom and more.

This practical programme has never been taught before and has 8 Modules that were just filmed and curated days ago with content that were crowd sourced from the 4-day live training. The content includes real problems and cases from viewers - making this a truly unique class.

On top of the Forecaster and Pathfinder, students will also get to enjoy the all new QiMen Explorer software that has new features – Oracle, C+C (Command and Contract), and Strategies.

Even if you’re a seasoned practitioner of QiMen, you’ll find this information very interesting and really useful to add into your QiMen knowledge. Even if you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry, the 12 core basic modules will also be made available when you purchase the QiMen Academy Advanced Program, which will enable you to easily transit to the advanced level.

All programs have a full 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, there is absolutely ZERO RISK for students. If in the first 30 days, you find that there is no value in the program, just let us know for a FULL REFUND.

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