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Walking The Dragons TV Series

The extraordinarily successful TV series with Dato Joey Yap walking the Dragons and touring famous Tombs to share their importance in history and Feng Shui significance.

  • Price: $1,000
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


Watch these videos of Dato Joey Yap as he explains what lies hidden beneath the Tombs of some of the most famous Dynasty's in Chinese history

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  •   Episode 1. Tapping into Qi
  •   Episode 2. Qing Emperor's Ancestral Tombs
  •   Episode 3. The Feng Shui of Emperor Shun Zhi's Tomb
  •   Episode 4. The Feng Shui of Emperor Kang Xi's Tomb
  •   Episode 5. The Feng Shu of Emperor Yong Zheng's Tomb
  •   Episode 6. The Feng Shui of Emperor Qian Long's Tomb
  •   Episode 7. The Feng Shui of Emperor Xian Feng's Tomb
  •   Episode 8. The Feng Shui of Empress Dowager Xi Xi's Tomb

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