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Face Reading

Mian Xiang ~ Module 2

Now you will learn specific techniques to evaluate facial features and understand the face shapes. We will add the finer details to the information learned from foundational Module 1!

  • Price: $680
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English


As you studied Module 1, you gained important foundational information about the face, and was your best place to begin.

Now I have so many new things to share with you!

Module 2 focuses more on how our body, face features, spirit, and behaviours that we normally use can affect our desired outcomes, and potential success.

Here you will learn a more detailed layer with helpful information about some of the most important face features.

This seminar is useful for everyone and will be a great help in our daily life.

Previous knowledge of Module 1 is needed.

You receive:

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times
  • Your Face Reading Module 2 Accreditation Diploma
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  •   Course Index

    Let's define our time together!

  •   Spiritual View 1

    Form & Spirit - Xing You Yu

  •   Spiritual View 2

    Form & Spirit - Xing Bu Zu

  •   Spiritual View 3

    Form & Spirit - Shen You Yu

  •   Spiritual View 4

    Form & Spirit - Shen Bu Zu

  •   Forehead

    Definitely at the forefront of our true potential, with clear indicators of career, mental capacity and our family!

  •   Forehead Shapes

    Slanting back or round and high - which one is better..?

  •   Hairline Shapes

    Does a person have a fighting spirit..? Possibly, and the hairline can tell us!

  •   The Eyes

    Windows of the mind, connecting body and soul, they eyes reveal everything...

  •   Eye Size

    Understand how eye size & shape tell their own unique story

  •   Eye Position, Direction & Eyelids

    Calm or talkative..? Emotional or Intellectual..? Self-critical or objective...?

  •   Eye Shapes and Colour

    Determined, self-confident, high achieving... how can you tell...? Ah, the eyes give us clues...

  •   Eye Case Study

    True stories about what can happen to people with “white eyes”.

  •   Eyebrows

    Health, friendships and longevity - all foretold in the eyebrows!

  •   Norms for Eyebrows

    Define a good eyebrow form and achieve a better outcome!

  •   Eyebrow Shape and Direction

    Can leadership be recognized in the eyebrow...? Oh yes, and talent, cultural tastes and even loyalty...!

  •   Famous Eyebrow Styles

    Fancy names reveal fascinating facts!

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