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Four Pillars Essential Part 1 + 2

You have the possibility to obtain the seminar written by Master Joseph Yu, Four Pillars Essential 1 and 2 together in order to obtain a discounted price, it gives you the foundation to do a reading.

  • Price: $1,200
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


This seminar will help you understand:

  • how time influences you 
  • the year, day, and 10-year luck period bring to you
  • about your weaknesses and your strength 
  • what is most beneficial for you and what is most favourable for you 
  • which is the best attitude for you to follow
  • the best way to develop your profession or job
  • The favourable colours in different periods of time for you or anybody... and a lot more!

In addition to the knowledge in astrology you will acquire, the Four Pillars foundations is an essential tool that gives you a better understanding of many traditional Feng Shui formulas and concepts like Xuan Kong Da Gua and Water Methods.

No prior knowledge is required for this course, if you buy Part 1 and 2 together.

You are about to learn:

1.      Index and Introduction

2.      Stems

3.      Branches

4.     The Jia Zi Cycle, longitude, and time zones

5.     Charting Fundamentals

6.     The Luck Pillars

7.     The 5 Elements and the 6 Spirits

8.     The 4 Pillars and Palaces

9.     The Strength of Elements

10.   The Strength of Palaces

11.   Principal of balance

12.   Principal of balance chart 1

13.   Principal of balance chart 2

14.   Principal of balance chart 3

15.   Favorable Elements

16.   Clashes

17.   Combinations

18.   The 12 stages of Life

19.   How to do a reading 1

20.   How to do a reading 2

21.   Colors

22.   Career

23.   Summary

You will receive

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times
  • A practical exercise applied to your chart, covering what we learned in this course, which you can send to Master Olga Garcia and get support.
  • Your Four Pillars Essential Course Part 2 Accreditation Diploma

Are you ready to begin...? 

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  •   Index

    We decide our time together and ... let´s learn what Heaven brings to you!

  •   Introduction

    This chapter will reveal what is astrology, our destiny...the benefit of knowing our life path.

  •   Stems

    Let’s study what are the stems, what they represent and how they work!

  •   Branches

    The branches are more important than the stems, they are the boss. You will see why!

  •   Jia Zi Cycle

    You will see what you must consider when calculating a 4-pillar diagram correctly!

  •   Charting Fundamentals

    These fundamentals are important for the good calculation and understanding of a 4Pillars Chart.

  •   Luck Pillars

    The Luck pillars are the dynamic part of your life. Knowing what comes to us ... we can do better!

  •   5 Elements and 6 Spirits

    The 5 elements represent a lot of different things. You will learn what each one represents for you.

  •   4P and Palaces

    The palaces indicate the relationship with other people and tells us about time…

  •   Strength of elements

    The elements in your chart has different degrees of strength…

  •   Strength of DM

    The Day Master has also some strength… and this will help us to see what is favorable for us and what can be troublesome…

  •   Principal of balance

    Usually balance is what we seek… However, it is not always possible!

  •   Principal of balance – chart 1

    We practice with a chart as example.

  •   Principal of balance – chart 2

    We practice with another chart.

  •   Principal of balance – chart 3

    We practice with a third chart.

  •   Favorable Elements

    A favorable element brings good times. We should understand why it is favorable and how we can benefit from it…

  •   Clashes

    A clash is a battle between two types of qi producing some effects in our life. We should observe!

  •   Combinations

    A combination is a special relationship producing some effects in our life. We should observe!

  •   The 12 stages of Life

    The 12 stages of life indicates the strength of the qi that changes in different periods of time.

  •   How to do a reading - 1

    This chapter gives you the steps to follow when you want to do a Reading. Follow the practical example of a Reading for Princess Diana´s chart.

  •   How to do a reading – 2

    This chapter gives you the steps to follow when you want to do a Reading. Follow the practical example of a Reading for Bill Gate´s chart.

  •   Colors

    Understanding which colors are favorable in different periods of time helps us feel better.

  •   Career

    If we can choose a profession or the way to work according to our favorable elements, we will feel better and the result will be more successful.

  •   Summary 4P Essential 1 & 2

    This last chapter is a recap of all you learned on both Part 1 & 2 and has no handout.

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