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Xuan Kong Da Gua 1 + 2

You have the possibility to obtain the Master Class Da Gua 1 and 2 together in order to obtain a discounted price. This course is for advancing your Feng Shui knowledge.

  • Price: $1,400
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Language: English


Da Gua is the body while Fei Xing is the application. For application to be powerful, the body must be healthy. Looks at the communication among Heaven, Earth & Man through the 64 hexagrams. We will also learn about date selection to enhance wealth, career, family & health luck with Feng Shui practices.

Master Olga Garcia has carefully transcribed this course directly from the teachings of Master Yu, and masterfully guides you through the fascinating world of Xuan Kong Da Gua - a must for any professional Feng Shui consultant!

Xuan Kong Feng Shui consists of two departments - Da Gua and Fei Xing.

Da Gua is the body while Fei Xing is the application. For application to be powerful, the body must be healthy. 

  • To use Da Gua without Fei Xing is like a strong boxer who does not have any technique. 
  • To use Fei Xing without Da Gua is like a skillful boxer who is sick all the time. 

These two should work hand in hand.

The first seminar is divided into 10 chapters:

Focuses on the distribution of earth qi in terms of the 64 hexagrams and covers the use of Ling Shen & Zheng Shen, fine-tuned to the 64 hexagrams and 384 Yao.

The second seminar is divided into 12 chapters:

Focuses at communication among Heaven, Earth & Man through the 64 hexagrams. You will also learn about the best date selection method to enhance wealth, career, family & health luck with Feng Shui practical examples.

Exceptional Value for both courses together:

  • XKDG1 + 2 $ 1400 USD

You receive:

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times
  • Your Xuan Kong Da Gua Accreditation Diploma
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  •   Introduction & Content

    Da Gua is the body while Fei Xing is the application. For application to be powerful, the body must be healthy. We learn how to take care of the body!

  •   About Xuan Kong Da Gua

    Xuan Kong Da Gua provides us with the elaboration of the earth qi, the earth energy pattern, the body part.

  •   64 Hexagrams

    The Famous Square Circle Diagram contains the 64 hexagrams.

  •   180 Year Cycle

    How is the Earth Qi divided? The detailed structure from the earth qi comes from the 64 hexagrams!

  •   Fu Mu Gua

    Father, Mother, Sons and Daughter’s Hexagrams are explained.

  •   Zheng Shen & Ling Shen

    For Da Gua, this means Timely Gua and Untimely Gua. Timely and Untimely will be explained in this chapter.

  •   External Practical Examples

    The practical examples will guide you on how to measure and improve your environment. Is a fountain favourable...? Not always!

  •   Internal Practical Examples

    Did you know that the water feature in your living room is an external feature according to your bedroom? They should match!

  •   Seven Star Robbery

    We will examine the Seven Stars Robbery formula and see if it is a good formula. Rob means here to take energy from a hexagram!

  •   384 Yao

    Is your house on a Pearl Treasure Line or a Fire Pit Line?

  •   Project

    The best way to learn is to practice! Here you get your own Da Gua project and you can think a way to make it successful.

  •   Content

    The guidelines for our time together

  •   Ai Jing Jue

    Ai Xing Xue is the secret code of placing the stars.

  •   Dragon, Mountain, Facing, Water

    Can we have a fountain or a pond? What is the water mouth bringing to our house?

  •   To Choose a Site

    Is the mountain a dead dragon or a living dragon? This chapter tells a lot about what is favorable.

  •   Element of Hexagram

    We will learn the Xuan Kong Da Gua Wu Xing.

  •   Inside Gua & Outside Gua

    Shall we use the Shou Shan Chu Sha technique? Is your Ming Gua outside the facing Gua of your house?

  •   Sheng in & Ke in

    Shen in & Ke in spell prosperity. Descendants will be rich and famous.

  •   Assigning 60 Jai Zi to Hexagrams

    This is a very important part of the seminar! We can convert everything into hexagrams.

  •   Date Selection

    You will learn how the hexagrams communicate the best way.

  •   Auspicious Four Pillars

    If you convert your Four Pillars to Hexagrams, you can add this information to your Four Pillars Reading.

  •   Blood Link

    The blood link is the most powerful way of communication.

  •   Wealth - Descendants – Fame

    Using Kan Yu to get wealth, descendant and fame requires good communication between Heaven, Man and Earth.

  •   Recap

    Let's talk about what we learned together!

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