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Creating Your Home Sanctuary

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So you want to learn some basic rules to transform your home into your sanctuary? 

The most important aspects are allocation and function of rooms, placement of furniture and choice of sleeping/facing directions.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! 

There are some very basic rules we all know but keep ignoring even though they just make so much sense. In this guidebook, I have summarized the most important ones for you. 

I want to help you get the best out of your spatial plan because our surroundings, especially the home and the workplace, are so important and influential on our wellbeing, relationships and success.

How about I share one part of what you will learn with me? 

Did you know that every person has preferred directions for sitting and sleeping? 

Some of us simply feel that and follow the instincts and intuition while others are not as sensitive and end up spending most of their time under the influence of negative energies. This then creates disharmony and in-balance in their lives and can result in bad health and relationships, stagnation, sleeping problems and all kind of struggles along the way. I know it sounds bizarre, but also clients confirmed this many times.

Guess what - with a simple formula you can find out what YOUR best directions are! 

Discover how you can live happier and healthier by tapping into positive energies in your daily life - ready? 

Simply enrol in this FREE mini course and let's get going!   

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