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The ONE-ROOM Rescue™

The FANTASTIC FALL SPECIAL IS LIVE! Reg: $297. NOW ONLY $47. ~ The ONE-ROOM Rescue™ Kathryn has practical solutions to move you from Chaos to Prosperity! ~GET YOUR SPACE WORKING FOR YOU!

  • Price: $47
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


The ONE-ROOM Rescue™ is designed for the busy Entrepreneur. Many women are trying to find the work-life balance; they end up being non-productive sifting through chaos, trying to find prosperity!

Kathryn sorts out the issues, systematically, in feng shui style. She developed an easy and efficient way to revive a space and find supports for your personal needs.

Feng Shui is one of the BEST problem-solvers you can find: Kathryn brings you practical solutions for all of life's issues.

Whether you work out of your home or cubicle, Kathryn has a plethora of ways for you to find the balance in your space:

Starting with the classic “Clutter Habit Quiz’, Kathryn identifies your Personal Clutter Profile and then, helps you find your way out. Learning how to working in a command position, and being in command of your day, will continue to empower you to make positive choices each day.

Surrounding yourself with the right colours and items, can both inspire and motivate you to be more productive; you’ll feel the shift in energy.

A mix of videos and downloads, this covers the basics to get you organized: clutter busting, sitting in command, finding support in the things surrounding you and tools for life.

By releasing each of the FOUR Modules separately, gives you time as you may need several days to decide how to proceed. Each module contains theories, insights and enhancements to your room that you can implement with items you have already purchased.

The insight and skills you will learn can be applied in any room of your home or office!

The ONE-ROOM Rescue is the latest, most practical and productive way to grow your business. ~ GET YOUR SPACE WORKING FOR YOU! PROSPER with Feng Shui!

The Course contains: FOUR Modules, NINE Downloads and TWO BONUS VIDEOS.

**"This course is VALUE PRICED: I keep the price affordable so that I can reach more people; together, we can make the world a better place." ~ Kathryn

What you will learn:

~ Clutter Personalities

~ Dealing with Paper

~ Choosing Your Desk and Chair

~ Be in Command of Your Day

~ Working in a Non-tradition Space

~ The Desk Challenge

~ Colours and Shapes that can Support You

~ Colour Therapy

~ Cryptic messages in shapes and images

~ Enhancements and ‘Cures’ for Troubled Areas

~ Yin & Yang – Finding the Balance

~ Tools For Life

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  •   Module 1: Clutter and YOU!

    Clutter is the first thing to tackle in your ONE-ROOM Rescue! Kathryn talks about Clutter-bug habits related to each individual person and the hazards of not dealing with your stuff.

  •   Module Two: Being in Command

    'Being in Command' of your day is something you NEED to do each day, and everywhere you go! You'll learn where to sit and stand to be the most productive in your day; a must for everyone to know.

  •   Module Three: Exclusive to YOU!

    This module shows you how to find supports, Exclusive to YOU! Find your own personal balance through colour therapy, shapes and images on the walls. Use the things you love to support you in your day.

  •   Module Four: Strategy Tools For Life

    Working in problem areas: How to make it work with a creative solution or cure? More insight with choosing supports, setting goals, and how to adapt feng shui for a lifestyle of prosperity and growth.

  •   BONUS: The Five LUCKS!

    This could be your lucky day, and you would never know it! This is a simple, practical way to get you moving forwards in life.

  •   BONUS: Yin & Yang

    Finding the balance in your life through colour, shape, textiles, light, and more can determine whether you are invigorated to work each day, or struggling with depression.

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