Veronica Montinola
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    Chicago Metropolitan Area, USA
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    Feng Shui Chinese Astrology
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    Consulting Teaching Professional Speaking Mentoring Product Sales

The homes I lived in where my greatest teachers. 

Life can be difficult and challenging. With the help of Classical Feng Shui, Bazi and Chinese Metaphysics those challenges can be conquered. 

My job is to help you align yourself with the best energies of your space.

Life’s Simple Pleasures. 

I believe that to truly live, we need meaningful relationships, enjoy what we do and feel fully supported in the process. We are all given the opportunity to live experiencing the little things in life that brings us joy.

I am a mixture of East and West: Japanese and Spanish.

I embrace all cultures because together, we become a complete puzzle. 

When you are ready, you will work with me, a person who sees possibilities and delivers results so you can meet and exceed your potential.

I look forward to helping you create a more balanced life so you may enjoy life’s simple pleasures too. 

“The environment is the sole governing authority of the particle”  Albert Einstein

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