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Olga is the official representative of the FSRC in Sweden, Spain & Latin America Spanish speaking countries. A Feng Shui Master & Higher Diploma of Chinese Traditional Feng Shui as awarded by Master Joseph Yu, Feng Shui Research Centre, Toronto, Canada.

Master Joseph Yu wrote following about Olga:

Your honesty and integrity together with a good ability to understand metaphysics makes you a very special person in this field. Being your teacher is an honour for me. I am convinced that you are a great teacher in Feng Shui as well as other branches of Chinese metaphysics.

Feng Shui Research Centre Founder

Olga Garcia was born in Barcelona, Spain, in a multi-cultural environment that allowed her to speak fluently Spanish, Catalan and French at the age of 6 years. Parallel to her studies, she learned music and piano. After receiving her bachelor of music, she lived in Germany studying at the Hochschule Musik Detmold. Olga lived in Sweden from 1969 to middle of 2005 and speaks Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, French, English and understands some Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, German and Japanese. She was a piano teacher at the Music School of Gävle and Härryda Kommun. She always maintained her contact with Spain and didn’t stop moving in an open environment, travelling around the world, with music as her scenery.

After being in Japan several times, where she obtained the First Diploma School Ikebana "Sogetsu School" of Tokyo, she began her path of studying Asian healing arts, which continued until today. She studied Karate, Qi Gong and Yoga and also got a Bioenergy and Healing Diploma awarded by Prof. Boris Aranovich, founder of Alternative Medicine University of St. Petersburg, Russia.

This path brought her naturally to study the ancient discipline of Feng Shui with Master Joseph Yu, attending his courses as: Feng Shui, Ba Zhi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Water Methods, I Ching, Wen Wang Gua, Date Selection, Feng Shui for Business, Plum Blossom Divination, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren as well as Face Reading

Olga is the founder of Feng Shui Art Center, giving consultations, classes and seminars in Sweden, Spain and South America Spanish speaking countries. She translated and taught Master Joseph Yu’s all correspondence courses and topics in Spanish and Swedish.


"Dear Olga,

I must express my gratitude and admiration for your efficiency in the instruction of the course received. This exceeded my expectations! Since as I told you at the beginning, in my city I had taken some classes, coming to think that the elementary level of Master Yu, could be a repetition of what has already been learned. However, I must acknowledge that the course is not only excellent but also with the practical exercises after each lesson, the student allows you to measure what has been learned, so I am happy to have made the decision to have you chosen as my teacher and to learn everything Master Joseph Yu conveys from his knowledge.

It has been a privilege for me to have you as an Instructor. Now I understand why Master Josef Yu has delegated the Spanish speaking area and so many other areas.

I am very grateful and pleased for all your seriousness, your patience, your knowledge and for that commitment you feel with your students.
You fulfilled my expectations well beyond what I expected

Million thanks for everything and may God bless you always.
Warm hugs "

"I have just started the online Professional Feng Shui Course with Master Olga Garcia, and am happy everything is so easy to do. I can download the manual easily, the videos work very well and are so interesting to watch.

When I hear Olga's voice, it is beautiful and is like Olga is sitting with me - it is great! Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for me, I like this online way of studying very much!"

"I found Four Pillars Enrichment is an intensive seminar, full of knowledge and is an indispensable guidance to be able to read a chart with success. Excellent work of Master Yu and Olga Garcia, congratulations!"

"I love this teaching method/school, it is a very effective and powerful way to learn! You can study when you feel in the mood to learn and when you have the time to do it. As the chapters are short, you can study only one or two, and repeat, or do as many as you want. It's a fun and relaxed way to absorb knowledge and is very efficient.

It is as good or even better as classroom courses, because you can repeat and listen to something you may not have understood, as many times as you want.

Personally I was resistant to the 4Pillars but after this course, I could finally understand it completely. I think you are fully successful with this system.

Thank you for providing it!"

"I loved the seminar! It is very dynamic, it is entertaining, very easy to understand and gives a lot of information. The course is magnificent!

I think this online system is great because it can be seen whenever you have time. It's like being in a classroom course! A live course has the charm of "sharing" and this method has a lot of advantages also, as it is very important that we have the chance to see the videos more than once!

It was a Privilege for me to try this new way of study, thank you very much Olga and I look forward to be present at several more of your courses soon!"

I'm doing the Four Pillars course with Olga García, it's on-line and since I had already studied online other subjects like computer science or Prevention of occupational hazards, my expectations were not very high and I was willing to have to compose them alone and wait With much patience the teacher's response.

This course with Olga is not like this. It's fantastic!

Olga responds quickly, corrects the exercises and gives me answer to everything I ask, even helped me in a personal problem outside the course. I am sincerely delighted and grateful.

I believe that a good teacher must possess the knowledge, have the capacity to transmit them and motivate the student and all that Olga does to perfection.

So from here I want to encourage all those people who want to learn about the Four Pillars or about Feng Shui to study with Olga because I am sure that the experience will like them and they will acquire, in a very gratifying way, millenary knowledge.

"Having done the Four Pillars with Master Olga García has been very enriching on a personal level, and serves to understand and analyze better who we are, the different stages and situations we go through life, and our relationship with the world Interior and exterior.And being an online course, I was pleasantly surprised by Olga's commitment to the subject and the students, and the speed with which she answered questions or questions.Unlike other online courses That's an added value since it allows you to have a continuity during the course and you can keep up the pace.

Again many thanks, Olga, for your commitment, your patience and for being. Thank you.
A hug"

Offered by Olga Garcia