Draco Lin
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    Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Qi Men Dun Jia
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What are my purpose and vision?
I desire to build a Chinese metaphysics Academy to promote and share profound knowledge/skill to affinity people. To collaborate with powerful practitioners and redesign new framework to improve Chinese Metaphysics syllabus.  I envision that everyone will be able to use this art to attain self -awareness, instill self -management, sense of social awareness, foster positive relationship and manifest life ethically & morally. 

How can I offer my assistance to you?
Nowadays, the internet apps have eliminated physical and geographical limitation to connect people together, therefore online sharing through skype, FB, Whatsapp or email will be the best-preferred choice.  If you request for a gathering, it will be my blessing to share and assist my knowledge to you personally.  

I motivate you to form a network together to help and inspire more like minded people from all walks of life!