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Britta van Arman is a space optimiser, a planner, energy transformer, healer & feeler as well as practical down-to earth thinker. 

I have been an event organizer, planning the spatial set up of international conferences and exhibitions, for many years. Entering a new space, my mind immediately tries to optimise the use of a space. My inner eye moves furniture into place, repositions wall decor and harmonises rooms depending on their usage and the inhabitants’ needs.

Being a perfectionist, I wanted to build a proper basis and therefore studied interior design to gain better understanding of the practical approach of spatial planning. But my questions related to spatial energies were only answered once I learned and understood the application of Feng Shui. I studied with Grandmaster Lillian Too, LT's Masters in the Netherlands and currently deepen my knowledge studying with Dato Joey Yap.

I don't only work with spatial energies! I am also holding a diploma in Chakra & Aura Healing, apply crystals for energetic healing of physical and spatial blockages and implement card readings in my consultations and workshops. 

Applying Feng Shui, I help conscious women increasing the energy of their environment so that their mindfulness work is also supported by their surroundings. 

My clients have reported amazing changes in their lives after implementing my advice! The results were better focus and more efficiency, relieve from pain, better sleep, healed and new relationships as well as new opportunities, more clients and better financial flow.

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Britta is a fantastic Feng Shui consultant! After the planning she takes, full passion and with combination of her interior designer knowledge, her time to 'put things in place' and let them work for you. It is amazing how she can change the energies by the Feng Shui law in no time and brings a different perspective in your life, which you can feel immediately. I can really recommend Britta! If you feel things in your life aren't going the way they should, you should contact her.

Britta gave us extensive home staging advice in preparation for the sale of our property in Amsterdam. She not only provided practical tips but also gave us sound advice on which furniture to (re)move or replace and other changes to the layout to open up and brighten the space. Britta also provided shopping suggestions and even examples of how to decorate the inside of our book case! Her advice was clear and supported by photo’s and examples of interiors and colour schemes. We really felt that we were able to transform our space in order to get the most value for our property. Once pictures of our property went online, it sold within a few days and far over the asking price!

Maya Starchild

In 2015 I started searching for an apartment to buy and noticed that not every place I looked at felt equally good. So I consulted Britta who explained me the influence of the compass directions on well-being and calculated my personal best directions. Equipped with this knowledge I then had a different approach for my viewings and could ensure that I am buying a home with the right energies for me. In the next step, Britta helped me to define the location of furniture based on my personal best directions and created a colour scheme to not only create a beautiful space but to support and strengthen my personality. I experienced Britta as very sensitive and professional in her approach. She listened very well to my wishes and made a very practical and easy to implement plan I could follow

Olga B.

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