Diana Krauss
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    Kelowna, BC, Canada
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    Feng Shui Chinese Astrology
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    Consulting Product Sales

A certified Feng Shui consultant, Diana is trained with the Traditional School of Flying Star Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

Diana became interested in Chinese Metaphysics when it seemed that things in her life weren’t happening as easily before – ‘the rug had been pulled out from under me’ is the way this is described by many in that same position. Learning about Traditional Flying Star Feng Shui, she was surprised to discover that with a period change in 2004 the vibrant wealth energy was no longer readily available to enter her house. Co-incidentally it was at this time that her place of long time employment was re-located to another province. While she was able to find a new job locally, her income was substantially reduced and did continue to decline over the next number of years.

During this time, her Chinese Metaphysics studies continued and expanded to include Chinese Astrology. Surprisingly it became clear that Fate was offering forth new opportunities for growth for her Fortunes having moved in to a new period of ‘luck’. While some might find this realization of potential challenges to be debilitating, having this knowledge is actually empowering when carefully considered and appropriate action counselled.

This personal experience of applying Feng Shui and Four Pillar Astrology principles has given Diana valuable insight as when to take or not take certain actions at a particular time. The study of Destiny is knowing and accepting that which is within our control and that which is not and to respond to opportunities with confidence and a positive mind.

Diana is the supplier of choice for Calabash, please contact her directly for details.