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Pamila Faye has learned her skills from academics along with experience working with people as a Flight Attendant, a Librarian, a Nutritional Consultant, and a Professional Organizer before studying and practicing Classical Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui studies began for Pamila from a health issue she was experiencing where the knowledge of a Health practitioner gave insight into her past and present health using Chinese metaphysics. The practitioner's insight began intense study at Yan’s Professional Feng Shui Institute first, then continued studies with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is where her studies rose up to a higher level completing all the levels of study for BaZi and Feng Shui while graduating with distinction from Mastery Academy. 

Pamila completed her studies in Zi Re/Date Selection, Xuan Kong, Flying Stars, and Qi Men Dun Jia. She has traveled with Master Joey Yap on several trips to China, Tibet and Taiwan observing others who have used Feng Shui and the landform that supported them for centuries.

Pamila Faye believes the Classics of Feng Shui help by giving reference and understanding about one’s self, home, wealth, relationships, health and career. And that it is an amazing science that thousands of years later, is still sharing truth and support for those who desire it.

Our Universe is a Universe of order. We have the season’s return each year, morning and night continue to arrive each day, and this order is what the Chinese discovered that they called Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui helps us achieve balance in our everyday lives if we choose to use it. A home can tell the energy that can impact it, as the BaZi charts clearly explain the strength and weakness of an individual, but it's the “Free Will” choice we each have to use this understanding for our good. 

This ancient science has helped many over the centuries, and Pamila Faye is grateful to have been taught Classical Feng Shui, and thankful to share with those who want the support of Feng Shui.


According to Master Pamila Caparelli on her reading for my 2012 BaZi, among other things, I was told to be aware of legal issues with my industry and to be detailed oriented in all matters. This information helped me to follow through with careful thought on my dealings.

When I, for the first time in my career, was threatened inappropriately by someone, I took the threat very seriously and kept copious notes. My response, every step of the relationship, was carefully thought out and witnessed by other parties.

I am grateful for the wisdom Pamila conveyed to me so that I was guarded and prepared for the verbal attack. I protected myself from a potentially difficult situation.

I liked learning how to formulate Strategies, talking about using them in the business, and the pictorial Hexagrams. Thank you!

Pamila is a wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable feng shui consultant to work with. I followed her exact advice on activating my “lucky date” and it worked like a charm! My loved one had a court date the day after and was expecting to serve jail time up to 3 months but got none; and that’s what I prayed for while activating the specific sector that Pamila told me to!

She also gave me very good advice as to where my family and I should be sleeping, avoiding certain areas of the house, great tips on living a healthier, happier, wealthier lifestyle. I truly enjoyed talking to Pamila and will definitely use her service again next year, 2013 and many years ahead.

Thank you Pamila!

My husband and I own our own business and have been having a very slow Spring. It is probably due to many factors, but I felt a feng shui consultation was a good idea. It was an INCREDIBLE idea, as it turns out.

After Pamela spent a couple hours with us, explaining our charts and having us rearrange a few key pieces of furniture, we woke up the next morning to four new clients! The list of clients keeps growing, and our belief in this ancient practice is unshakeable.


When I decided to Feng Shui my home for the first time I didn’t have to go far to find the perfect Practitioner, word of mouth tells it all. Pamila’s love for what she does is apparent but her compassion for her client to help them increase their prosperity, health, and overall happiness goes beyond the call of duty.

Hiring Pamila for the past 3 years is one of the best investments I’ve made and I will continue this approach to enhance my life, home and health, thank you Pamila!

Pamila, a wonderful learning from you! I truly enjoyed this course applying what I have discovered in Art of War, using this Time and Space which is so innovative and unique! I will forever recommend and introduce this learning to all people I touch.

Thank you again

On May 26th 2012, I went to consult for a client named Erik and his wife in Northern Virginia. They had called me the week before eager to see why they were having such negative luck in this home. They had moved into their home October 2010. Since moving into this home Erik’s wife could not get a job, and Erik who is a very successful business man who has worked all over the world had his job come to an end in the fall of 2011. Then in the beginning of this Dragon year, he had a fall on the ice and had to have surgery and many months of recovery. He would get so close to receiving a new job and then it would fall away.

After checking their BaZi charts to see what they showed, and the house and its sitting and facing I found out they were facing SE the most negative direction of the year and entering in that location. Their bed was in the SE of their bedroom, and Erik’s home office had him entering from the right/Yin energy side bringing very slow results if none.

There happen to be a very auspicious date the day after our consult where I instructed them to move their bed into a new location of their room, move Erik’s Desk and allow entry from the Yang/Left side, place the Salt water cure in SE1 sector of their home, and activate during the specific hour on this date after our consult as May 30th connected with Erik’s career palace in his BaZi chart. They did all these above as instructed and I received an email yesterday from Erik. He gave me approval to share this exactly as written. I might add the day of our consult, he had 2 jobs that were out of the country but neither had come thru. One was telling him since January they wanted him to work for them and the other had sent an email to sign if he wanted the job but it was not definite yet.

Here is Erik’s email 6 days after activating and making changes:

Good morning Pamila,
The position of the bed was changed
The office desk and printer were moved
The salt jar was placed
The dusting was done at TV, TV was moved and music was played.
We are using the garden entrance from the other side.
I received the ticket from the company to fly out to Asia tomorrow June 6th in the afternoon.
I will take it step by step.
We will buy my wife’s ticket to join me shortly.

I emailed back so very happy for them both and asked which job was it you got of the two? He shared I got the first one, but the other one is also good with more security, as I am awaiting the results of the 2nd job offer. However he shared 3 days ago (3 after activating) he was offered a completely new job than the 2 he was waiting on and placed on a new project in Asia as a member of a team. This was a new opportunity that came after I had done the Feng Shui consult for their home.

Erik’s last reply email to me asking if I could share his testimony:

Yes of course you can share this email, these events are FACTS and as a credit to what you did and we did together I believe it should be shared. I leave in 24 hours, and my wife has to pack and join me soon. We are fortunate to have met you, we are blessed and happy as a result.