Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek

Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek is a successful Feng Shui consultant and teacher in Poland. She started her interest in that subject in 1996 year. Malgorzata has been studying with Roel Hill (Heluo), Raymond Lo, Joseph Yu and other teachers. Since 2005 she also guides Polish affiliate of Feng Shui Research Center (Master Joseph's Yu school), where she teaches Feng Shui, Business Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Ba Zi (Chinese astrology) and other courses.

In 2014 year she was also invited to France to teach Ba Zi (Chinese astrology) there.

Malgorzata consults and helps people in other countries as well as she helps consultants in other countries in their work as a mentor.

Malgorzata helped much Polish Feng Shui enthusiasts, translating many valuable texts to Polish (among them Raymond Lo's book "Feng Shui & Destiny" and Stepen Skinner's books, as well as many articles of Master Joseph Yu and others) and inviting two famous Feng Shui Masters to Poland - Roel Hill (Heluo) and Raymond Lo.

She is an enthusiast of healthy style of living, healthy diet, ecology and Nature. Free time she spends travelling, reading books, gardening and blogging.