Monica Garcia Fabregat

The human Qi is very powerful and is the underlying supportive current of every aspect of our lives.

Are you going through a difficult relationship?
Is the problem a lack of money?
Or maybe you have a disease you would like to get rid of?

To dissolve and remedy conflict, we first need to find the origin of the conflict and one of the most precise methods is to view the teeth. We know teeth are assessed to review and understand our genealogy, but it is less well known that the teeth can reveal a story of our unconscious; it truly is a most accurate identity analysis.
This study is known as ‘Psychoneurodontology’ and helps to uncover the hidden conflicts of your past that are causing problems in your life today. 

Our goal is to decode new codes so we can activate them, allowing a person to change their perspective of the problem.

We will go to the recesses of your unconscious, often a place you are scared to go alone so we do this together, I will help you.
Carl G. Jung refers to this dark unconscious place as ‘the shadow’:
"There was a man who was looking for his car keys he lost. He was looking for them by the light of a lamppost. Someone approaches him and asks him: What are you looking for? The keys of my car, I have lost them; Don’t worry, I will help you look for them. (After a while the assistant asks): Are you sure you lost them here? No, I've lost them there, pointing out the darkness. Then why do you search here? And the man answers: Because there is some light here"

We act the same; we seek the solution to our illnesses in a comfortable place, known as the conscious to retrieve the explanations we need that interest us.  In the conscious we can justify the reasoning and we can explain what happened. But the solution is in the unconscious, that dark place we do not want to go because it contains the real reasons that we do not want to see or hear.  
You have to be aware that emotion is the KEY and is what allows us to live, it is the engine that drive us.   

The fundamental principle is quite simple: the problem we do not want to talk about is the one that contains the solution.  

It is important to put in words the sufferings we went through, that have not been expressed, as only then can we truly live consciously. 

What does a consultation require involve?  

  • I will send directions by email to help you find your family tree and outline the information needed for a successful consult.  

    An orthopantomography will also help to be even more precise finding the solution because you have your identity in your mouth, in your teeth, your and your ancestors' conflicts are like “written” through cavities, malposition, extractions, implants, etc. etc. Your teeth are a blueprint! 

Seize this opportunity to get rid of your problems, click the button now to begin your online consultation. 

I love helping people, please write to me if you would like more information.  

I consult in both English and Spanish and look forward to speaking with you soon!


Hi Monica, I ‘am noticing the changes in spurts. I talked to my husband and told him everything. He listened to me with much respect and even understanding the subject. We are more and more united. I told him that I returned and gave him his role as head of the clan and I saw in his eyes a mixture of pride, respect and tranquility. I need to talk to my father. It´s the hardest thing but I´m going to do it. Oh, the other day I had a sexual encounter with my husband and it was totally different. In addition to being conscious, I felt great and then I did not take it for granted. My new period in life has begun. This is amazing. THANK YOU

Meeting Monica for me has been a great gift. The universe put her in my way just at a time when I was looking for an answer about making an important decision. Her messages were a great opportunity to strengthen me and love me more. From the first minutes we had a great feeling; I realized that it was for me an angel that entered my life. Monica is all love.


It may seem like a biblical phrase but really the consultation I had with Monica brought me back to life. She was able to decipher and make me see, with total sweetness, what was paralyzing me, a question that no psychologist had successfully achieved. Again, I thank you very much for what you did for me! It was a jump in my life! Super recommended in every way!


The consultation has been very enlightening, concrete and concise. Monica does everything possible to explain everything and make the most of the consultation. Very pending and very professional.


It’s impressive, I almost started crying… all that Monica very sweet and delicate made me see in the consultation, were issues that I had not realized but that were unresolved in my life (break in the father’s relationship, fear to betray, conflict of integration in my clan, nostalgia of a home and suffering of distance), I am impressed that these conflicts can be seen through my orthopantomography. Monica is a great professional and I recommend her 100%

I want you to know that my stomach has stopped nauseating and I am eating calm and enjoying. When I wake up I am very active, eager to do things, happy, safe… And above all, my brother for the first time has addressed me. I feel very good, safe and respectful, day by day with an open future. Thank you very much Monica for your support

Monica´s word came to me in a moment of great emptiness and emotional uncertainty. She knew how to accurately interpret the conflict I am going through, providing valuable tools to heal it.

Bruno Palbo Zito

I met Monica 3 years ago. At first I went to see her because my work life did not lead anywhere. Everything I tried, despite all the effort and love I put in, did not work. And a session with Monica was enough. She opened me in the canal, and she took out that 5 year-old girl who had been me and who was lost. She taught me to let go of my mother´s hand. She taught me that there are milestones in our life that we have to understand and solve. The day after I was with her, my mind turned around like it was the skin of a recently skinned animal. I looked for the only thing I needed at that moment, to my mother. And I cried and I fell inside and I turned around, I hit the bottom and went up. And that´s when I was able to let go of her hand my mother´s hand and grow. My life has changed with a very basic concept. If you really want someone you should let them go. From here I recommend that if your life is stuck from any point of view, make a consultation with Monica.

Thanks for yesterday, what happened in the consultation was very powerful, it seems incredible that after going through a number of people and circumstances, we have found the key. You have helped me fill my heart with hope. Thank you

Thanks for your accompaniment. I just left the notary to sign my salary according to my position and I am SO HAPPY. I thank you because first of all you do your job well! Believe me that I absolutely value your work. The other part was for me to take seriously what you were telling me and do it all despite the difficulties that it implied. I recommend you a long time ago but this is one more reason to do it, so continue because you do it right, you are good at what you do.