Chabela Ortega
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    Miami, FL, USA
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    Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Qi Men Dun Jia Space Clearing Space & Personal Clearing
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Chabela is originally from Dominican Republic, now she is living in Miami, Florida. She has studied Hotel Administration in Rome, Italy and spent most of her life in the tourism industry.

With studies in Feng Shui, BaZi, and other Chinese Metaphysic subjects, Chabela has studied directly with Grand Master Yap Chen Hai School of Excellence in Malaysia, Dato Joey Yap in Malaysia and USA, Hong Kong Master Raymond Lo, Taiwan Master June Laoshi, and Juan Alvarez of Miami.

Chabela Ortega’s desire in life is to assist each individual in reaching their full potential through the use of Feng-Shui and Space Clearing. To release positive energy into their personal lives, as well as, their homes and businesses. To open the windows and doors of peace, healing and prosperity.