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Build or Buy Real Estate Wisely, FEEL the BENEFITS!

Hello, my name is Joy Rybakov and I am a Canadian certified architectural designer with formal skills and experience practicing Classical Feng Shui. I am different from most qi professionals since design a home or business property to channel positive qi and to be Classical Feng Shui compliant. Beyond new construction designs, I offer full renovation design services and property selection. 

Applying Classical Feng Shui has helped me to convert a dire situation, in my own life, into a positive one with hope for the future.

In 2010, my small son was diagnosed with Autism and his future outlook was quite bleak. I was fortunate enough to find Joey Yap; and was able to earn my advanced level Classical Feng Shui skills. With this new skill set, I successfully designed and constructed a new home to correct the 1/3rd of my sons incurable condition that was relative to the qi in the house we lived in. Today (five years later), my son enjoys a full, active life. Autism is not a factor in our lives anymore. 

Was the qi in our home the only factor? NO. Eastern medicine contributed another 30% of his recovery. But, without the Classical Feng Shui layer, I know he would not have the life he enjoys today.

Because of the positive changes I made in my own life, I offer my unique building design services to others.

My Property Services:

  • Home/Business Property Selection
  • New Home/Renovation/Building Design Services (3D graphics, 2D layouts, concept and construction drawings) with personalized Classical Fengshui 

My services are available across Canada and abroad thanks to email, video calling, PayPal, etc.

My motto: Why try to keep up with the changes when you can ride them?