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My name is Joy Rybakov and I have a long career background as a professional building designer working independently with projects across Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland & Labrador). 

My attraction to Classical Feng Shui started when my young son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and western health care failed to help. Not willing to accept that NOTHING could be done to help my child, I started searching for alternative intervention. I recalled a fellow classmate introduced Feng Shui to me when I studied Architecture at NAIT, Alberta in 2000. This first introduction was New Age Feng Shui. Feeling desperate, I tried it. No results. Then, I found a book on Amazon by Joey Yap. I liked his approach. I enrolled in his professional practitioner courses and the rest is history. 

The energy in our previous house did not reflect 100% of my sons health issues but definitely accounted for 33%. In conjunction with eastern medicine (acupuncture, herbal remedies, and heilkunst) and altering our eating habits to chemical free, organic, wheat free food choices my son no longer displays the symptoms of Autism.Recently I have undertaken the study of BaZi (again by Joey Yap) and now see the predispositions my son was born with. Proof the Cosmic Trinity is the true representation of life, as a whole.

We are living examples that any life can be diverted to a more positive path with a holistic approach. To heal my child I needed to change our environment, understand the actions we needed to offset his BaZi shortfalls, and most of all, we had to DO IT!

Classical Feng Shui may not be for everyone; but I am here for those who need it.