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Graduated from the Parson School of Design in Fashion Design and Textile Design, I have developed my career in the design world for over 25 years. Primarily this has been dedicated to the creation of textiles, housing decoration and conducting interior design projects for large international hotel chains through my company.

In 2001, I began studies in the different disciplines of Chinese Metaphysics, so in my consultations I can integrate several disciplines such as:

• Feng Shui

• Dates Selection

• 4 Pillars

• Yi Ching

Over 15 years of training with guidance by teachers like Joseph Yu (Canada), Jodi Brunner (Australia) and Ting Foon Chick (England). In Spain, I have enjoyed the teachings of Olga Garcia and Mariano Bueno, GEA teacher.

A few years ago, I founded espaciobiodinámico as a platform to transmit all that knowledge and experience for the benefit of all people, in order to create a better connection with their immediate environment, promoting health, well-being and better relationships.