What is the Chinese Zodiac, and where did it come from?

The Chinese Zodiac is basically parallel to the Western Zodiac because it has "12" components: 12 Western Zodiacal signs = 12 Chinese Animals. 

Either way, these 12 aspects are descriptive markers of time, and have evolved into a thriving business, as everyone loves to learn about who they are right! 

Known professionally as Sheng Xiao, the Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12 year revolution. 

This revolving cycle covers years, months, days and even hours - although hours actually move into 2 hour segments each. For example, 4pm can be referred to as Shen Hour (Monkey Hour 3pm - 5pm)

There are many thoughts as to the origin of the 12 Animals - One interesting tale suggests that when Buddha was crossing over to Nirvana, he called the animal kingdom to his side, alas, only 12 animals arrived. 

As they came to him, their arrival was recorded, and this sequential order was realized: 

  1. Rat (Zi)
  2. Ox (Chou)
  3. Tiger (Yin)
  4. Rabbit (Mao)
  5. Dragon (Chen) 
  6. Snake (Si)
  7. Horse (Wu)
  8. Goat (Wei) 
  9. Monkey (Shen) 
  10. Rooster (You) 
  11. Dog (Xu) 
  12. Pig (Hai) 

There is talk of a 13th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, a Cat, who was tricked by the clever Rat, and lost his place by Buddha's side... and some say this is why Cats chase Rats to this day.... 

Your birth chart will have up to a maximum of 4 of the 12 Chinese Animals, or less if some double. Each animal has specific skills, characteristics and views that will be imprinted upon you at birth, and will forever shape who you are...

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