Face Reading

Can Face Reading help me find qualified employees?

Face Reading will show a person's true qualities held within, and not even some clever makeup can hide that, as the true essence of the person will prevail... 

When you hire employees, it is  easy to be swayed by their wardrobe, their apparent confidence, and their preparedness with poignant questions. But how much of that is actually them, and how much is a performance based off research on what employers want to see..? 

Right, now you are thinking. 

Face Reading allows us to know who the person really is: what their skills are, and quite important, what their intent is. Most often I recommend an employer hire a professional skilled in Astrology & Face Reading for this type of work, as then a very distinct map of that potential employee is found. 

Let's say you are a Bakery, and you need the early morning bread trainee. Pretty important that  person be an early riser, and productive in those wee hours right. 

Let's say you are a Bank, and you need front line staff that will not only greet clients, but be quick to assist them in an efficient manner. Pretty useful to know if that person is unmotivated, needs constant direction, and is likely to be on their phone checking social media...

I think you get the picture here. 

Face Reading is a tool to assist in the hiring process. 

Used effectively, it can even provide a set of questions to ask the potential employee, as we'll know their hot buttons, and how to push them. 

Best you know how a person is going to respond under pressure before that pressure builds at the expense of your business... 

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