Should I check potential employee's astrology?

Do you want to hire the right employee the first time, or test run a few misfits along the way..? 

Understanding your prospective employee before you hire them can save you thousands upon thousands in salary payments, insurance benefits and lost time, not to mention a tremendous amount of aggro...

Is this person the right fit for you company..? 

Some people can interview really well: they look the part, they speak the part, they arrive prepared with insightful questions, and seem pretty perfect right. 

Be mindful of perfection, as it is highly overrated..

Other people may interview poorly: they seem unprepared, a little lost as they sit across the desk from you, likely sweating profusely, and do not have the right answers to any of your questions. 

Oh dear, not off to a good start... 

It is super important to remember that a person is far more than an interview process, after all, who knows what their day was like up until the moment they stepped into this interview, and how that may have affected them? 

Some people just don't do well under the spotlight. 

Assessing your potential employee's Astrological chart will provide you with information on their core character, what skills they genuinely possess, compared to those they think they posses. 

One important example, don't you want to know if they will follow your direction, or will they try to direct you..? 

That could be funny to watch... :) 

Add an employee evaluation using Chinese Face Reading, and you will learn if they are a morning person, a late night creator, or a mid-day achiever - definitely useful to know right....  


Hiring a professional to assess your potential new employee, is an invaluable process you are wise to include, and can make all the difference with your business. 

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