What's the big deal about Tai Chi..?

Tai Chi is known as the Ultimate Exercise, and is the most beneficial health regime a person can ever undertake.

A collection of moves carefully planned and completed with a soft beauty, Tai Chi will appear almost dance like, and yet every move is designed to stimulate Qi throughout the body.

Such a seemingly calm exercise hides much within its calculated and precise moves.

When learned correctly, it can be said that the student will appear as soft as cotton wool, yet with a core of steel within.

A most powerful skill indeed.

With a gifted Sifu, a student will learn to breathe deeply, move softly, focus intent, and circulate the Qi in their body. Such daily practice will help the student create better health & wellbeing, most often with a clearer state of mind.

For those who continue their study, Tai Chi opens up to a full martial art with weapons and full contact, and yet, remains a most softly powerful art.

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