Teaching Courses

How to create your course online

Creating a course for sale on Qiology Pro is super easy, and is just like uploading a video to Facebook! 

There are two ways to create a course once you login into your account:  

  1. Click on the Add a New Course icon
  2. Click on the Instructor Tab 

A new blank course template will open up, with great prompts to help you through the course build process:    

  • Course Title
    • make it appealing / catchy Teaser excerpt
    • a short grab line to entice buyers
  • Full description
    • this is your sales pitch, your hook so to speak 
  • Teaser video
    • we recommend 2 - 5 minutes, can be a course segment or a sales video
  • Course Image
    • choose an interesting image that represents your course content
  • Category
    • if the category is missing, click other, send a category request to us here, and we will add it for you
  • Skill level
    • beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Price or FREE
    • great to have at least one FREE course, to help you sell the others! 
    • price your course well, you are worth it!
  • Language
    • contact us if your language category is missing 

This sets the framework for your course: now it's time to add your great content!

You will now see a choice of: 

  • Add Video
  • Add Article

You must add at least one article or pdf to be able to save the course to draft. 

If the first part of your course is a video, click Add Video and upload your prepared first course video. You will also see an area to 'Select File' which is where you can add a Resource. This could be a corresponding pdf file for the particular video, help sheet, or visual you need the student to have. 

If the first part of your course is a handout, click Add Article, and upload your prepared pdf. Be mindful of the pdf size, as a large pdf may be hard for your student to download. 

Click save - we advise you do this constantly in case of internet interruption, and save puts the course in draft mode.

Once in draft mode, you can come back and edit whenever you like.

Once you are happy with all the videos, tag lines, informational text and teasers, yay, go ahead and click on the publish link, and your course will be shown in 3 places: 

  1. Your Profile
  2. Courses Page
  3. Randomly featured on the Home Page 

Now your course is online, don't forget to grab the page url, and start talking about it on social media, we will too! 

Job well done - time for a cocktail!