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Qi Enthusiasts love spending time in our Knowledge Hub, reading through all the useful tidbits Jade members provide. 

Sharing gems of wisdom from your world of experience is a fantastic way to 'meet' new students, clients and colleagues. 

Our research shows that people peruse the Knowledge Hub and literally lose themselves traversing information, all of which links back to the authors profile - Your Profile!

Think about all the questions people ask you daily, and turn them into a simple Q & A. 

Focus on a simplified answer, no techno speak please, a basic few sentences / para graphs that answer a common query. 

Do not worry if the questions you come up with appear to be in the Hub from another Jade member, their voice is different from yours. 

Every person searching the internet is uniquely different, wanting to learn about unique information in their own unique way - and your voice is the one they seek. 

Create your list of Q & A, contact us, and prepare to send your great information our way. 

The Qiology Pro wordsmiths will check the text for legal online requirements only, with a goal to upload your information in its entirety to the Hub, with a direct link to your profile. 

The Knowledge Hub is your way to whisper in someone's ear... 

Remember, you are easing their mind over a worrisome situation, providing clarity over a confused point of view, and gifting invaluable information they've been searching for - and now they've found you! 

Aren't they the luck ones :)