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Where can I buy visuals for blogs and articles..?

They say a picture paints a thousand words.... and we agree!

Interesting visuals are the best way to attract attention in your online presentations, handouts, blog entries, and informative hub articles.  

Qiology Pro requires any information / visuals you supply for Blogs, Newsletter, E-magazine or Knowledge Hub meet the copyright laws. 

You must either purchase your images from a reputable source, and be able to provide a receipt if we were to ask. 

Or, download the image from a 'FREE of copyright' and 'clearly state the creator of the image is relinquishing all copyright to the image', and you can use it in a business environment. 

This is important - you cannot use an image without legal consent / owenrship. 

We recommend sites like Dreamstime, Istockphoto to buy great resolution images for reasonable package prices. 

There are free image sources online, and we ask you check carefully to ensure the images are CC0 creative commons before you download.

Do not be afraid of image copyright, simply check the fine print and you will find there are lots of fabulous images ready for you to use creatively!