Face Reading

Is plastic surgery going to change my personality?

Any time we change the face, we have the ability to influence the outcome, so yes, plastic surgery can affect your personality. 

It would be important to ensure the changes are favourable, which means understanding what to alter, and when.

If we consider nose corrective surgery, if the nose was crooked before, and can be nicely straightened, then yes, this can improve your vitality, wealth and sense of judgement.

It is much more important to understand that the face represents what is within, so an external change cannot instigate an internal change… 

Sometimes things can be altered to look good on the outside, whereas in actuality, they are not so good on the inside....  

Self-improvement is most auspicious when it comes from within, and no amount of makeup can override that. 

Want to change something about yourself...? 

Focus on who you are, what areas need improvement and make a change.  

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