Feng Shui

Should I have a fountain in my garden?


Moving water is a very specific activation in Feng Shui, and is widely used with great success. 

It is preferred to have a trained professional assess the home and garden first, as then the correct positioning for the water feature is chosen, and a successful outcome can be achieved.

A turtle feature like this one is definitely beautiful and fun, but other features can also be right for your garden. 

You need a specific directional flow...  and there are many applications of water that can be applied. 

Please do keep in mind, when water is placed incorrectly, many issues can arise, from wealth loss, health issues, even career challenges. It is most important to have a skilled professional work closely with you. 

If you decide to 'test the waters' yourself, watch the household carefully for any significant changes, and be ready to adjust to counter, and yes, sometimes you may get it right, and activate exactly what you were looking for! 

Water placements are important in many levels of Feng Shui, however it is Xuan Kong Da Gua that helps you to know if a water feature is favourable or not, and furthermore, it helps you choose the right moment to start using the water, very valuable information to possess....

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