Feng Shui

What is Xuan Kong Da Gua?

The Xuan Kong Feng Shui School consists of two departments: 

  1. Da Gua 
  2. Fei Xing

Da Gua is the yin or static part, while Fei Xing is the yang or moving part.

Such Yin and Yang can be used and understood in different situations like in micro or macro environments.  

The use of Da Gua in today's modern world is extensive and provides very conclusive results when determining a space, what it could be used for, when and how...?? 

A trained professional will utilize both Fei Xing and Da Gua to evaluate a space precisely, because: 

  • Da Gua gives us the potential of a place
  • Fei Xing gives us how to use the potential the best way 

The two work incredibly well together, and connect seamlessly.

Using both together will give us a complete picture of a situation, which in turn, can help us improve the results!

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