Feng Shui

How can learning Business Feng Shui improve my career as a Consultant?

Business Feng Shui has the same foundation as the Traditional Feng Shui we use with a home, however there are major differences between the two spaces. A Consultant is best to learn both techniques, as the desires of a family and a corporation are quite different. 

Understanding Business Feng Shui will give you a greater understanding about:

  • How exterior and interior influence the business directly
  • Connecting the business 'type' with the location for ultimate success
  • Allocate effective work spaces for employees

A business does not have bedrooms for family members, but it may have boardrooms, and multiple offices. Just like assigning supportive bedrooms for health, it is important to allocate effective work spaces to generate the employees to be the best they can be. 

A business has a focus on wealth generation, customer loyalty and staff retention, whereas a home is all about health & wellbeing. Aligning the business goals with the location, supporting the staff, and ensuring access by loyal customers, will achieve a successful corporate outcome. 

What works for a home, may not achieve the same outcome for a business, and understanding the difference is important.  

Even in a beautiful new shopping centre, with the latest decor and media hype, having the right type of store, in the right location will bring more clients to the store. 

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