Feng Shui

Is money being flushed away down my toilet..?

If you stand by your toilet, open your wallet, empty the contents down the toilet, and flush, then yes you are flushing money away aren't you... 

Toilets have attained a bad rap over the years, and yet, they don't really deserve it... 

I suspect this has been confused with how water can be related to wealth, but there is so much more to it than that. 

Yes we can use a body of water to assist wealth generation and a Feng Shui Consultant will know exactly where to place water, and when to activate it. They will be looking for a body of water with the ability to have movement, circulation, and substantial in size. 

We would say "Qi rides the wind, and is dispersed, but is retained when it encounters water" This simply means Qi is mobile, and can be scattered easily by too strong winds. Provide a basin of clean, gently moving water, and that same wind can deposit that Qi into the water, and be retained. 

Now, if we cycle back to the toilet, not exactly a fountain right, as while it is a moving body of water, it does not retain anything, it takes things away - and therein lies the confused connection. 

With a body of water we seek to collect prosperous Qi, support it, circulate it, keep it.   

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