Is Tai Chi Chuan a spiritual belief..?

Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style Tai Chi) is not a spiritual belief in itself.

Through its calm, methodic and contemplative moves, it does open the mind in a surprising way...

It can be said that Tai Chi Chuan somewhat trains the spirit, as we are spirit, and Tai Chi Chuan helps us understand the power within.

A famous quote from book of Yang Style Family Secrets by Douglas Wilde says:

  • "The spirit is the leader, and the body is at its command."

This seemingly innocuous quote speaks to the slow movements and postures that open up the body and allow it to become light and nimble.

This transfers to the mind, and when a person moves through the forms of Tai Chi Chuan, they are unifying both the external with the internal, and that in turn opens up a plethora of possibilities.

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