Is Tai Chi a Martial Art, and can I defend myself with it..?

Tai Chi Chuan is the ultimate exercise, and as such, the potentials of where it will take you are entirely under your direction. 

A student can stay with the energizing forms, or continue all the way through to weapons and applications. 

Each student journey is theirs to choose. 

Practice Tai Chi once a week, and you will gain some confidence. 

Practice Tai Chi once a day and you will master the moves and be in contact with your internal Qi. 

Once a person learns to harness such powerful Qi, a soft move can become a defensive strike if ever needed

In Tai Chi Applications, the student learns to feel the Qi of the other person, to anticipate their next move. A student can then move out of the way of an incoming strike, and deflect the harm away. 

We refer to this as "sink and turn"  

A true Sifu will teach students to run away from conflict. 

That same Sifu will also teach if backed into a corner by chasing conflict, and threatened with personal harm, to come out swiftly, softly and with focused intent. 

Yes, Tai Chi is a Martial Art. 

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