Can an Astrology reading make decisions for me..?

Whichever Astrology you choose to work with: Western or Eastern, the answer will invariably be the same. 


An Astrologer will provide invaluable insight all about you, likely a perspective very different from your own, and likely touching into areas you may not realise....  

A competent Astrologer will break down main areas of your birth chart including, relationships, health, career & wealth. This will most often be divided further into:  

  • Intimate relationships, specifically your spouse and how to create that intimate relationship that lasts a lifetime. 
  • Familial relationships, taking into consideration your relationship with the elders in your family, your children, and how to make the most of the time you have together
  • Health and the possible weaknesses you may face, and how to offset those 
  • Prospective careers and how to achieve what you desire, using your true skills and natural talents
  • How to make wealth, and very importantly, what you need to do to keep that wealth

An Astrology reading will provide you invaluable information to help you understand how to work with your strengths, and improve your weaknesses. 

No one Astrological chart is perfect, and perfection is not the goal. The true goal is understanding the intricacies of who you are and your natural skills. 

Listen wisely, and you can use this information to be the best you can be, and live the life you dream of. 

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