What is the difference between BaZi & Qi Men..?

Two very important and sophisticated methods that can help you make better life decisions and understand your destiny and where your focus is best focused.

Both use time to evaluate many factors about you, but in slightly different ways...

BaZi uses your date and time of birth and then looks into the 10 year luck cycles to determine opportunities in your life path.

The chart is fixed and your reading changes year to year and month to month based on the annual and monthly influences that at the present time.

QiMen uses the daily, monthly and annual formats (similar to a BaZi chart) and are also based on date and time of birth, but here with 15 year luck cycles and Feng Shui charts for the house.

A dynamic system where charts are generated in different formats:

  • Time based
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Monthly
    • Annually

Pulling a chart to answer a specific query at the time involves mostly hourly charts, however long-term planning can be achieved with the monthly and annual charts for a person. This is a multi-layered system and requires a skilled professional to correctly analyze the chart.

BaZi and QiMen are advanced techniques, both used for forecasting, both stand alone systems, and yet intertwined in a very unique way. Complex in their study, they are both worth learning, and learning well!

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