Feng Shui

Can a Horse Figurine Really Boost My Career..?

Feng Shui is all about how the environment affects us, and understanding how to use it to our advantage - somewhat reducing the bad and accentuating the good... and is particularly true when it comes to career.  

Objects are not a part of Feng Shui... or are they..? 

For some people, having an object to focus their intent, or sharpen their thought processes becomes really important, and while I do not promote objects in my consulting practice, I 100% understand why some do. 

The question here is about career and a Horse, and it is something called Post Horse - but it's not so much the Horse figurine / picture itself, it's a little deeper than that.... how about we have a chat! 

Post Horse is powerful when activated in the right way, and that's when it's wise to call in the Pro's - together we've got this! 

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