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Can a Ba Gua Mirror Deflect Bad Qi from a T-junction..?

There are specific mirrors that some feel are useful in connection with a road somewhat striking a property (T-junction situation) and yet, is such a connection valid...? 

Let's take a look. 

In Feng Shui, we view roads as waterways, as they carry people, cars and trucks from A - Z with constant movement and multiple directional changes. They are a flurry of activity! 

As a whole, we prefer roads to be gentle in nature, which simply means curving, embracing and free flowing compared to straight, angled or protruding. Straight fast roads can be damaging, as the Qi they carry is powerfully fast.. especially if it aims right toward a building... 

Roads are Qi activators, and can be effective ways of activating the good Qi coming toward your home... and sometimes activating the not so good Qi... and this is where mirrors have slid into view! 

Now this may sound strange to describe a road in such a way, but really, it's not, and you already know this. 

Think about the last time you travelled to see Grandma who lives out in the country. As you left the grid pattern of the city roads, with their stop signs, junctions and hectic pace, and slipped onto the curving country roads with their apparent breath heaving up and down gently over sculpted hills... you began to relax right. 

Without even knowing it, you were allowing yourself to be affected by your environment, and carried along with the Qi - the flowing soft Qi around you.  

So, if that is good, what is bad then... and what can we do about it..? 

Ah, this is our discussion for today, as many have thought a clever little mirror can deflect such bad Qi as it strikes toward a home (or business) and yet, is that really true.. could it be true...? 

Most often when I see such mirrors above a door, it is the Early Heaven Sequence Ba Gua, which simply refers to the Ba Gua of creation, representing a perfect world by design. 

Technically, if the Early Heaven Ba Gua is used, it is correct, as it is like a lawful judge, and can bring the environment to order... the challenge with that is we don't live in a technical world, we live in a real world... and the mirror simply cannot put the real world to rights - if only it were that simple! 

Personally, I do not use Ba Gua mirrors, either one (Early or After Heaven Sequence) and I do not advise you to either... 

If you feel the under attack from negative Qi, look to natural blockers to soften anything you feel is harmful, and draw on nature (raised flower beds, decorative fencing applications, gazebos etc) and leave the mirrors out of the equation! 

Nature is the most powerful evoker of Qi, and by simply improving your environment around you, you already swing the balance from any negative Qi to more positive - what a clever Feng Shui Expert you are - no mirror needed!  

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