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What is "3 Victory Palace" and how do I use it?

Many people like to throw this wording around, but not all understand what it actually is, or how to achieve success with it. 

Let's change that. 

There are three types of Victory Palace dates: 

  • Divine Light ~ this is to get over paranoia and un-based fears, and to stop overthinking something. (A particularly good one to use all the time right!)
  • Divine Blessing ~ is used to manifest a goal, or make a wish. For this one, you need to send 4 wishes outward to the Universe, and yes, you will get a response!
  • Divine Force ~ this is more for the external application, outward attack stance like procuring a contract that others are possibly bidding on. You get what you want by force. 

How to Use: 

While you are sitting to make a call, or address a task, you need to have the relevant direction BEHIND you. 

When leaving for an important meeting, you need to PROCEED toward that direction. 

How to Calculate:

The reference point is your Qi Men Destiny Chart

  • Divine Light ~ also known as Celestial Light 

Look for where your BaZi Hour Stem is located in the Destiny QiMen Chart in the Heaven Plate (upper position) as this is the Divine Light Palace - and is a permanent palace.

  • Divine Blessing 

Is the Palace with the 9 Heaven in your Destiny Chart - also permanent. 

  • Divine Force

Is the Palace with the Life Door in your Destiny Chart - also permanent. 

Now let's talk some scenario's so you can understand the big picture: 

  • Scenario #1

In your Divine Light Palace look for the timing when the 9 Heaven AND Life Door appear in either the month or the day. 

  • Scenario #2 

In your Divine Force Palace, look for Chief AND the 9 Heaven in either the month or the day. 

  • Scenario #3

In  your Divine Blessing Palace, look for Life Door AND 9 Heaven in the day AND the month. 

When this happens in the destiny, the month, and the day, you have all three forces working together, and it is called 3 Victory Palace. 

You can use this specific timing to achieve particular goals! 

Information provided by Sherry Merchant

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